Geelong debt consolidation loans

Debt consolidation saves you money

Save money and pay your debts off faster by consolidating all your debts into one debt consolidation loan.

Surf City Finance assists Geelong clients in taking all their debts and putting them under one debt consolidation loan. The advantages? A debt consolidation loan interest rate will be much lower than most credit cards, store card or car loan interest rates – meaning you get the chance to pay off your debt faster, saving you money.

Also, instead of juggling multiple monthly payments to cover multiple debts, you will pay one debt consolidation loan payment each month.

Debts that can be included in a debt consolidation loan include credit card debts, short term loan debts, store card debts and car loan debts.

Let Surf City Finance do all the hard work for you – we act as your agent so you don’t have the stress or inconvenience of negotiating with debt consolidation lenders.

Let us help find you finance that is flexible and competitive here in Geelong and the Surf Coast. Please email or contact us to find out more.

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