Non-resident and expatriate home loans

Non-resident mortgages and loans for expatriates

Surf City Finance can assist people living in Australia without permanent residency gain the finance they need to buy their own home, as well as source loans for Australian expatriates wanting to invest in Australian property.

We are specialists in assisting homebuyers with the following non-resident mortgages:

Australian expat home loans and mortgages

We help Australians living overseas who need finance to purchase or refinance a property. Surf City Finance has worked with many Australians working overseas, who are keen to use their earnings to build wealth by investing in Australian property. Even if you are currently living overseas, or working on a fly-in, fly-out basis – we can still help you secure an expatriate mortgage.

Mortgages for Australian permanent residents

Surf City Finance works with Australian lenders to secure mortgages for Australian Permanent Residents that offer that the same discounts and features enjoyed by ordinary Australians. Our experience means we know the lenders that offer the best deals to Australian Permanent Residents and we can assist you to achieve a home loan for a residential or investment property.

457 Visa Mortgages

If you have a current 457 Visa, and live in Australia, you may be eligible for a home loan or investment mortgage. Surf City Finance has experience in assisting people in Australia on 457 Visas to secure a home loan or mortgage and understands Australian Government regulations and how they apply in your circumstance.

Mortgages for spouse visa applicants

If your spouse, partner or de facto partner is not an Australian citizen, you can still apply for a home loan or mortgage and achieve a competitive interest rate! We have agreements with lenders across Australia and will scour the market to find you a home loan that offers the features you need, such as redraw facilities and interest rate discounts. Strict criteria does apply, including that you must be buying your property together with your spouse, be in a legitimate relationship and living in Australia.

If you are a non-resident or Australian expatriate – working with Surf City Finance makes finding a home or investment property loan easy. We become your finance advocate and work on your behalf to secure the finance you need to build a bright future.

Taking the first step in buying an Australian property is simple! Just email or contact us for further information.