Surf City Finance News
March 29, 2012

Why Geelong investors should consider property

Cautious investors have steered away from shared since the GFC and although the rate of property investment has also dropped – it is still an attractive proposition for many.

Why is property investment via a geared investment mortgage still popular? Because although investment property prices have steadied in recent years, house price falls in most areas have been minimal meaning that the investor’s initial nest egg is still intact.

In fact, many of Geelong areas have bucked the stabilising trend and have seen house prices rise, which is a reason why Geelong has been touted as a prime area for residential housing investments.

Surf City Finance is working hard to assist Geelong property investors in finding the most competitive Geelong property investment loans that allow property investors to take full advantage of the tax concessions offered by investing in property.

Not all property investment loans are the same. Some have flexible features that allow the investor to use equity within that property to build on their investment portfolio, while otherinvestment property loans offer few features.

All in all, building wealth via property and quality property investment loan products is still a viable option for Geelong investors.

If Geelong property investment is on your agenda, you should talk to us about how we can secure a Geelong investment property loan to suit you and your wealth creation goals.