Surf City Finance News
March 18, 2013

Home loans Geelong: lower interest rates and high yields, investors are happy

Now is the time to call Surf City Finance to have a health check done on your home loan and or your personal finance situation. There has never been a better time for property investors to get back into the market, add to their port folio or adjust their loan accounts. With some incredible fixed rates on offer from the major lenders, and high yeild rates from investment properties, now is the time to build wealth.

Around Geelong and the Surf Coast, there are great land releases on offer and the activity in the region is at all time high. Geelong has been singled out in property reports as the next boom and growth area and we believe it will be. The Surf Coast too has land for sale with new land releases looking to come on stream in the near future.

Surf City Finance are well placed with a intimate knowledge of the area and of course have many years experience woking for clients to obtain the best result possible with the banks.