Surf City Finance News
August 4, 2014

Non-resident mortgages allowing expatriates to invest in Australian property

Australians are taking advantage of earning big dollars overseas to invest in Australian property and further build their wealth.

Some expatriate Australians may be unaware that although they are working and living overseas, they can still take advantage of the growing Australian property market by investing in property.

There are many Australian lenders offering expatriate home loans to Australians working overseas, which is enabling them to buy properties and see the capital in that property grow while they continue to live out of the country.

Non-resident Australians are keen to buy property in Australia because they:

  • want to buy a property that they intend to live in upon their return, but rent out in the meantime
  • are keen to get a foothold into the Australian property market at today’s prices
  • see property as the ideal way to invest their hard-earned cash
  • want to take advantage of the taxation advantages of purchasing a rental property
  • are using property as the basis of a self managed superannuation fund, from which they will fund their retirement.

Surf City Finance can organise a non resident mortgage (also known as expatriate home loans) for Australians living and working overseas – there is no requirement for the application to be made while in Australia.

We will negotiate with lender on your behalf to get you the best expatriate mortgage available, and then will fill out the paperwork for you before sending it to you for signing.

If you need someone to assist with finding a suitable investment property with great potential for capital growth, we also have experts that can help with that too.

To invest in property while living or working overseas contact Surf City Finance on (03) 5273 4949.